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News & Updates

Urethane Parts
Conroe Plastics has put 7 new plastic injection machines in service producing high quality urethane parts.
Well Service Packing
New Well Service Packing using our new 8449 material in a LHB (Laminated Horizontal Bias Cut) configuration producing a higher quality longer running part.

Thermocarbon and Aramid

Conroe Plastics is now coating Thermocarbon and Aramid Fabrics with HNBR elastomers. Along with our regular line of fabrics.

Conroe Plastics Molding

Conroe Plastics Molding, Inc. has and will continue to be dedicated to the manufacture of quality seals, gaskets and specialty items associated with the Petroleum Industry. Our goals are to provide our valuable customers with the ability to purchase seals from any type of sealing material at the lowest possible tooling and part price.


We Manufacture Parts for most pumps.

For a complete list of our parts see our Product Catalog.

Valve Inserts
Down hole Parts
Mud Pump Gaskets
Non-standard O-rings
Piston Rubbers
Centrifugal Pump Packing Sets
Wash pipe Packing Sets
Wellhead Products
We Manufacture Parts for